Project Base Creator For Revit Model To Enscape Render


Join Us as a Remote Project Base Creator for Revit Model to Enscape Render – CivilerWay Project Partner

Are you a skilled creator in Revit Model to Enscape Render looking for a flexible work arrangement? Civilerway, a leading civil engineering and design consultancy, is seeking Project Base Creators to work from home. Be a key player in our team, bringing your expertise to exciting projects.

Role: Remote Project Base Creator (Revit Model to Enscape Render)

  • Work Arrangement: Work from Home (Project-Based)
  • Working Time: Part-Time
  • Payout: Weekly
  • Job Role: CivilerWay Project Partner
  • Salary: Dependent on Your Project
  • Liability: 3 Times Project Revision as per Client


  • Collaborate with our design and engineering teams to create immersive Enscape Renders from Revit Models.
  • Transform architectural and engineering concepts into visually stunning and realistic renderings.
  • Manage projects independently, ensuring deadlines are met with precision.
  • Virtually collaborate with team members to enhance project visuals.
  • Liability includes up to 3 project revisions to meet client expectations.


  • Proficiency in Revit Model and Enscape Render.
  • Proven experience in delivering high-quality Enscape Renders from Revit Models.
  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to manage projects independently.
  • Excellent communication skills for virtual collaboration.
  • Previous experience in the architecture or engineering industry is a plus.
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